Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017/03/02 - Guitar Philosophy 1001- Be Prepared For the Situation


This is a post as to why I think and capable musician should be able to play on any guitar.

At the moment i have twenty-ish guitars, mostly high end type of stuff, but nothing too crazy, mainly Ibanez Prestiges, Gibsons and USA Fenders. I don't own any cheap guitars other then a Mexican Strat and a pair of Korean Fender Showmasters (sweet guitars by the way).

I can pick up any of my guitars (lets NOT talk about electronics now, that may come later, maybe not), and play any of them equally well. There are some obvious restrictions regarding how many frets/trem or no trem, etc, that do limit, but that isn't what I am talking about. I can (and frequently do) sweep arpeggios on Telecasters, and play blues on Ibanez'. Not a big deal, but ironically the Ibanez' are great for some SRV type of stuff. lol.


*IF* you are not able to pick up any guitar (again with some obvious constraints), and play on it well, my friend, you have a LONG ways to go.

I can show up to a gig or open mic or anything and get the job done with anything. It still lies true even if i don't bring a guitar with me, it doesn't matter what is there. The only case I wouldn't show up without a guitar is if I am just stopping at a dive bar and here some music and walk in and see what it is about. Most cases I know at least one person there. The dive bar scene is a small world around here. So there is ALWAYS somebody who would let me play their guitar if need be, even just for a few minutes or a song or two. It could be an ES335, a Rickenbacker, or a POS Squier whatnot, but I can get the job done.

You cannot call yourself a *guitarist* if you can only preform on one guitar, that makes you just a degenerate low level entry musician. The world is huge, and if that 'one' guitar is the only guitar you can play on, to put it nicely you are screwed and won't succeed. I just say that because that 'one' guitar is not always going to be with you wherever you go.

To sum it up, try some different guitars, own some different guitars, and be able to play on all and any of those guitars, then you will be successful.

Brothers, the philosophy is over, have a good weekend.

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  1. what about having a favorite, go-to guitar?
    I use my gibson sg for literally everything except down-tuned metal which i play on a squier strat (i know thats odd but I put SD pickups and new hardware which I know you hate)
    It is the best guitar I have ever played, with the exception of my buddie's Schecter, which is awesome but has active pickups

    here is a link to the kind of sg I own

    1. i have a go-to. usually my lowly Mexican strat. The point of the topic was that you should be able to play any guitar decently. In your case if you can play on your guitar as well as your buddy's Schecter. You should be able to preform on anything put in front of you, that was the point.

      Thanks for being a loyal reader, Trashed

    2. thanks for your reply!
      I love your blog, it is funny and useful!

    3. Thanks again Hazen! IF there are any topics that you are interested in, shoot me a message!