Friday, July 7, 2017



I changed some things from the other prototype and really dig it. clips will be up in the next 48 hours.

Great standalone fuzz in the Rivera Knucklehead. Add it in front of the Rockerverb it thickens it into another whole depth of hell with the OD.

This is similar to my other bazz fusses, just more cojones. i tweaked it a bit, put it into a proper enclosure and ADDED A SWITCH!!!

paypal $25 to shipping is INCLUDED in that price for the continental US.

maybe more will be coming maybe more of the same, maybe different.

any questions, ask!

Cheers!  Trashed.

its gone! cheers! more coming!!!

2017-07-07 Update and a Chat On Noise Constraints

Sup' Gearwhores!

I apologize that I haven't been around for a little bit. I got married, so there is now a Mrs. Trashed, and I caught a keeper. I have realllly busy

This is going to be more of just an update with a few thoughts. I will start typing and see where it goes (which is something I never actually do).

I am going to start off with noise constraints. This is that first time I have ever had that even as a consideration.

I have been playing the Rivera Knucklehead a lot recently, and it is one of the best pedal platforms I have worked with for a long time. Its sitting on a Randall cab with a pair of T75's and a 15" Eminence legend  all in one box. Overall it is a nice setup. its odd miking it though I would love to get both a 15" on one track and a 12"on as well. haven't done it yet. will get around to it. May be weird to mix them together but I will get to it one of these days.

Right now I am running a pedalbaord to it that is quite odd (I will get some pics of the rig up) regarding the amp it is. but I am using a CMATMODS Brownie, with everything around 3 o'clock, into a Fulltone Fulldrive MOSFET. The trick for this scenario is to run some gain on the Fulldrive, and turn the volume way down, that lowers the volume of the Brownie a lot and it can go into the rest of the rig and be quiet. took a bit to figure out, but here is what i have.

When the Fulldrive is on the volume gets cut for night playing, kick it off, i get the 'Marshall in the box' or 'brown sound' in the front end at a nice day volume. (note that this is all on the clean channel).

***I am considering building some very simple that would have a pot and some other passive (or maybe 9v) components that would just turn the volume. small box, just to change the volume that you can step on to solve things like this. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANYTHING LIKE THIS LET ME KNOW! If there is interest i will get it going faster  AND IF THERE IS SOME ACTION ON IT I WILL GET A BUNCH OUT CHEAP like i did the bazz fusses.***

The OD channel on the Rivera is sweet too, but it does need to go too loud for midnight playing to be enjoyable. but daytime has seen use.

Alright guys, time to get back with noise constraints. you can also put something in the FX loop (if you have one) to lower the level of the out-put of the box or even something like a MXR 10 band and drop the volume slider.

*I must say MXR has disapointed me yet again. I have owned two 10 band EQ's and the second one broke just like the first. Screw MXR for me, especially because i couldn't figure out how to get them working and my father also made no headway with them. MXR wants something stupid like $60 and me to send it to them. Sorry MXR, no thanks on that. I can get a used one for that. I may have to go with Boss, but i am NOT a Boss fan in general. However i dont' think that is any secret to most of you.*

Also regarding noise restraints, often times you need less gain on your amp than you think if you throw an overdrive out front. and DON'T SCOOP YOUR MIDS. That will make the whole scenario worse.

I am thinking about building an isocab for recording, but that will be a bit.

Well... this is a kind of a fill in thread for the last few weeks , as you imagine i haven't had as much time lately. Everything will start back normal next week.

Cheers and thanks for the support!