Friday, July 20, 2018

This is the new trend. NEW ACQUISITIONS ***Trashed's Gear***


Here is the full rig at the moment. This is used for mainly recording and in the garage lol. There is no way in hell i would carry two 4x12"s to a gig. Orange Rockerverb 50 mk1 for dirt and a Rivera Knucklehead for cleans.

The Orange is being pushed by either a MI Audio Blues Pro or Ibanez Bottom Booster, with the Clyde in front of that. out of the loop is a pair of Malekko delays, one EKKO loFi and the other is the standard EKKO 616.

The Rivera is through a Pigtronix philosopher's king out front, and in the loop a CMATMODS Phaser, a CMATMODS Chorus, and a CMATMODS delay.

New guitar number one: It is a Hofner Verythin. 335 based semi-hollow with a solid center block. The pickups are fantastic, solid German made hardware, so no complaints there, fit and finish flawless, perfect binding details etc. The grain on the wood is freaking sweet, front and back,this is so comfortable to play and I love it.

Rediscovered Guitar #1 I havwe had it for a few years, just didn't use it. This is a  Sublime Chieftain Semi-Hollow, laminated center block. The brand is associated with Crush Drums. A friend of a friend has some part of vested interest. The best thing i have to say is the plays great. The pickups are the downside IMO. Acoustically louder than most semi's. I must say i really like the headstock shape. Sweet guitar.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen (?),

OK! A couple of  things that you all deserve to know.

Sorry I have not been posting as regularly as I have been quite busy.

1. Earlier this month my first baby arrived after my wife having a stressful pregnancy. My little girl is sweet and amazes me more and more every day.

2. As far as the blog goes, there are some minor changes. For one, is that I am running out of topics slowly. I will revisit some old topics. There is a lot of material in this from when I started that haven't gotten a lot of views, I would think you all would like it, check it out.

3.I am off of the Squier thing. They are in storage and may be for sale, but i am indefinitely keeping the black HH strat that i put DiMarzios in, it plays fantastically.

Moving Forward.

Starting in the next few weeks, I will be selling fuzz pedals. They are single transistor single knob pedals that are a lot of fun to play with. I will put some videos up soon of them. $20 a pop shipped in the USA. The more I sell the more I will be able to make. THAT is my form of support for the blog and further pedal building and parts AND it keeps the spousal unit (wifey) happy, despite having the laptop open at 3am listening to me type up blogs. There are about ten available. If you want one, reply in this thread to comments, AND EMAIL Pay Pal is the best way to go but don't send it to this email, contact me and I will send the request to you from my main account.

Moving forward again, there will be more gear pics from my collection and reviews, and updates as I pick up more.


TLDR; I will have badass fuzzs i have been building available soon for $20 shipped in the USA,

Saturday, June 9, 2018

RANT: Jackson and Friends, and the beloved Compound Radii Fretboards


I must say that I love Jackson, but they piss me off a bit too. They make great guitars and I have OWNED three and loved them. I sold the Jackson's for LTD's then sold them for Ibanez Prestige's (all of which I will indefinitely keep and I have five of them bitches).

"Trashed, you ass, I love Jackson, what is wrong?!?!"

"Compound radius fretboard's." I say, waiting to be bitched out...

The logic is fantastic, but not quite so ergonomic in practice. For those of you who are new or don't know much about guitars, the fretboard is curved convexly and compensated for by the saddles being different heights. THAT is why your saddles are different heights and not flat. The radius is the measurement of how curved the fretboard is. 

Fretboard radii can be from 7.25" to 20", both of which I don't care for. My Fender '52' Reissue Tele is 7.25 (original spec) is NOT the funnest guitar to do crazy bends and leads on. You fret out and it stops the note if you bend too far. 20" is way too flat. Cords suck and it's awkward.

What does Jackson do? They have a compound radius. IF I AM correct at the moment it is 12"-20" from nut to the end of the fretboard. Here are some things that you all may not think of. If you are on the first fret its curvy, but how often do you play on the first fret as opposed to other frets? The 24th fret is like flat OMG. I will hit the 24th fret regularly but it doesn't get as much action as say the 12th fret. Two extremes. So between two points is the middle, so it is kind of an average?  Yes. I would dare to say between the 7th to 15th fret which could be a hot spot for playing is not a whole lot of different and that is what have I noticed.

Where is the folly? Strings are only a straight line with tension applied. That is physics. So ACTION  and string HEIGHT can NEVER be as low as a 12" radius or a 14" radius. Why? Strings are closer to the frets in different spots. It can't EVER be that low. 

Is it a big deal? 

Not as big of a deal as I am making out of it. Jackson makes some nice guitars (most people have no qualms with that, nor I). I have owned a DKMG, a DKMGT, and a DK2 [all Made in Japan (mij)]. I dig them, and loved them, and had no major adverse reactions to the compound radius fretboard. There are A LOT of brands doing this. Suhr does this more gracefully on their fine axes. When I played a Suhr Modern, it was royally glorious in every way (Trashed wants). Fender has been doing it too.

Is it wrong? NO.  

/Trashed is out.

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Pessimistic Revelation

Dear Brothers,

Sometimes in life, things swell and fade.

Most of you have heard that I have been modding cheap Squiers quite regularly. $30 here $50 there etc. It is practically pocket change.

I didn't put a whole lot of money into them as everything was just sitting around the shop of a dollar here or there, and didn't pay a whole lot for them in the first place. I had a lot of fun with them. I learned a lot on the way. All could turn into an easy profit- and may well do so.

"Damn Trashed it sounds like you are depressed, 'ya alright?"

"Yeah Yeah. Nothing to worry about guys, already took my happy pills..."

The last few months I was just playing the Squiers, I put up a bunch of the other guitars because i was satisfied with the Squiers for the time being, and didn't need them out..They sounded good, felt great- or so I thought, so I thought. I have had a lot of fun with them, but there was ONE fatal downfall...

Today, I pulled out some of the Gibsons and high dollar USA Fenders. Slick like butter, ssweet like sugar, and singing like the birds. The Squiers don't make the cut amongst this lineup. They really shouldn't either, factoring in price, and components, etc. but I am disappointed. I have the HH strat down and the blue one. the others are heading to storage for a while.

I don't know if I am a pessimistic realist or realiestic pessimist, or if i am pessimistic about my pessimism but life is life/.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

OMG So I got a new toob amp. What should I do now, Trashed?

Hey Trashed! I just bought my first proper tube amp! Whadda I do now?

There are a few things I would look into for most amps and just universally in GENERAL. I can't talk about every amp in all of hell and creation.

The first thing to do is to buy some tubes. I cannot advise on power tubes because that is too broad, simply due to different biasing methods for different amps. I don't want to delve in too deep. 

However, I will say that right now my personal go-to power amp tube is the JJ E34L. Read the last sentence again. E34L, not referring to EL34. E34L's have the British bite with a rounder and fuller bottom end. To illustrate how much I like them, I probably have TEN amps loaded with them. To take that further, I am POSITIVE I have over a dozen brand new ones in my shop.

I LOVE KT88's, but they are expensive as hell. I have them in my Splawn Nitro, Splawn Pro-Mod and Fryette SIG:X. They are quite ballsy. They are not as easily interchangeable as the others, or example with Splawn, it involves removing or adding a resistor (which requires draining filter caps and soldering). 


For EL84, go JJ. They are cheap and sound great. Again, I swear by these suckers. I probably have them in every EL84 amp I own. HOWEVER,  I don't have many amps that take EL84's. IMO no competition for JJ here.

Preamp tubes are a bit easier. get how many of 12AX7 you want after some research plus three more, a combination of 12AT7, 5751, AND get a different variety.

"OK Trashed, I done got me some backup tubes. What now?

Clean out the tube sockets, jacks and tube sockets with DeOxit or another quality contact cleaner.

"Got it Trashed, what now?"

Now turn it on.

There is a common misbelief that you need to put the amp on standby and wait. That is not important. Flip the switches however you feel inspired.

Looking for a heavy or metal tone? Nine times out of ten you want an overdrive pedal (Tubescreamer, etc). Lotsa' options.

EQ's are always good to fine tune the tone in the effects loop.

Then just fire it up and raise some hell!

One more thing that is misbelief is that you can't touch tubes with fingers out or the earth explode. Don't worry about it.

Here are another few random thoughts.

Tubes are more sensitive to damage if you move/bump/jostle a hot amp.

NOS tubes can be great, but make sure you get them from a reputable place that tests them.

If you have spring reverb, be careful moving it and if you take it off, they can cause some issues. IF you are getting too much jangle, wrap it carefully in a towel.

Trashed OUT! Cheers to all!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The "what-the-hell-o-caster" and everything about it.

So what the hell is a what-the-hell-o-caster?

I am calling it this because it can be a lot of things. Complex, simple, bluesy, quacky, punk rockey, rock, OR country, are just a few things.

I am attempting to open your eyes.

One thing to me that is essential to ME, yes to ME about a stratocaster is the tremolo. BUT I always keep it blocked.

WHAT THE HELL TRASHED!?!?! You don't use it so you block it and YOU think it is essential? You have bloody hell gone mad.

What do I mean? The noise of the spring cavity and where the routed areas make me almost feel a reverberation in  a guitar. Can it be heard through an amp? Probably not. But I don't jazz (or rock) with hard-tail strats. I have played a bunch of them. Mostly mid '70's and a few '80's of what I don't remember, BUT the hard-tail strat killed the vibe for me.

Some people think that Strats are boring. I can reassure you that they are not. I must agree that the bland, boring, black strat,with the rosewood fretboard, white pickguard and chrome hardware is not the most inspiring, eye catching, or jaw dropping guitar ever made.

The good thing however is that YOU make the rules..

Pickguards are easily interchangeable, and the options are endless! Don't think you are stuck with Fender either, http://www. greasygroove. com can make totally custom designs of whatever you can imagine and with any pickup configuration you could dream of!

Strats allow for a huge variety of pickup selection. Most are SSS, the most flexible is the HSS. HH wired for a 5-way isn't bad either. There is some room in MOST of them. I stick boost circuits in some of my Strats and have room for a battery without any complications. HEADS UP though. There are a lot of different routing patterns, don't assume though that it is a swimming pool. Before you go all hog wild on its ass take a peek, that is all. (If you have a router, Dremel, or whatnot, it is an easy go, just don't go too far on the edge).

Can they get any better !?!?! YES.

EVERYTHING is totally interchangeable of the same model. A neck breaks, (which is a highly unlikely scenario), buy one. If I break the headstock off of one of my Gibsons hellfire would come down to earth. BIG money to get a good repair AND kills the value. Hardware is interchangeable too! (to the similar model).

OK Trashed, you have blabbered and bantered for minutes now, what is this what-the-hell-o-caster? It is a partscaster. I just do whatever the hell I want. You build whatever the hell you want.

COOL SHIT, RIGHT? I think so.

Cheers Brothers!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Solid State vs Tube and Digital vs Analog: OPENING THE GATES TO HELL.

OH shit! I smell gun powder right now, the interwebz and brains are going to blow!

HOWEVER, I am not arguing which is best... cough all analog all tube is the ONLYYYY wai to go..

But I am going to educate you on the differences that may confuse you.

WTF is solidstate? it is transistor based. Transistors act as amplifiers of the signal shaping the preamp and the actual amplification. Simple right? Probably NOT.

Tubes are those glass really pretty glowing things that look like light-bulbs. BUT light bulbs are NOT a substitute. hahahahahaha. AND they don't screw in, gently pull and wiggle. They also amplify signal, they can be in preamp and poweramp, in most cases both. Tubes clip signal beautifully and soft, and it sounds like angels singing in your head.

"OK Trashed, I think I got it."

Good for you. NOW is the challenging part.

You respond, "Dammit, right, I knew that was coming."

Digital? What does that mean? in literal definition it involves '1's and '0's. Which is what your computer is, your phone, your alarm clock.... OK, Got it?

Momma says that digital is the Devil. lol. OK Momma. there I go throwing my opinion in again. oops. Wait, this is an opinion blog, right? yessir.

Digital is modeling for a large portion. The computer tries to fake you out and think you sound like you have t00bs. Everybody wants tubes, or at least to make it sound like you do, or come close enough to make you feel good about yourself.

Analog = NO DIGITS. PURE. All that is in there is resistors, capacitors, tubes, switches, potentiometers, etc. You get it.


Now you have those jackass hybrid stuff and they are bastards. Death to them. Several companies try to be tricky and screw you over in to thinking something is all tube (cough Blackstar). Out weigh the benefits and costs. That is up to you.

Are there good digital amps? Yes. Kemper, AXE, HELIX, etc.
Are there good SS amps? Yes indeed. Roland JC120 always pops up first in my book. Ampeg has some. I should mention that SS is moire common in bass amps.
Are there good hybrid amps? YES. One of my favorites is Vintage Musicman stuff.


Sorry for a short one , I have been busy. I will be more active.

Cheers Bros, and Hoes.