Friday, February 16, 2018

ARE you READY for a BUZZ?

Feel the burn.

Power. It's a good thing, isn't it? Yeah. Us guitar junkies really need it.

Pedals. Also a great thing, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah (bla bla bla) but they
need power, don't they?

Trashed says: "Yuppers!"

Soooo, Trashed knower of all, "Where does power from your pedals
come from?"
Either the wall or the bastard battery.
If you have read many of my blogs you know that I am not exactly
a fan of 9V batteries. Here is a 9V batteries are from HELL which
     is another blog that displays my hatred for the stupid 9V money suckers.

Ok. So power supplies, whatcha' got to say about that Trashed?
There are two: isolated (ISO) and non-isolated (AKA daisy chain)
There is a price gap difference between the two. Unfortunately, with
bigger investment comes the bigger reward in terms of performance.
What is better? Isolated. Isolated means that each pedal gets its own
filtered power. ISO blocks (or bricks for another name) are quieter
and are easily dealt with center positive supplies and varied voltages.
An example of these are the ISO boxes. For example, Voodoo Labs Pedal
Power 2 or Cloiks, but there are dozens with all kinds of different features.

Lotsa' shit 'bout this huh?

So everybody in unison so "TRASHED, WHAT DO YOU DO ???"

The non-isolated are much cheaper, often in the form of the a 1spot.
They are great and I love them. At the moment three out of my four rigs
(yeah four pedal boards, I know) are powered by 1spots. I have had no
real issues with 1spots as long as you have good power.

The fourth board is a general all purpose board and frequently get swapped
around for recording or whatever I may need it for. Powering that is a BBE
Supa-Charger which is cheaper when it comes to isolated power supplies,
but it has done the job well for quite a while and I am sure it will
continue to do so.

One final note is that I DO NOT and WILL NOT record with a daisy chain, I will
use the BBE and take that route

What does it all boil down to? $100 difference in general.

You want the good juice. Go ISO, but I would NOT rule out 1spots, they can
be really handy.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

$30 Squier Stratocaster Ball Busting Beast. **TRASHED'S GEAR**

So on my quest for hoarding my Squier Stratocasters, I picked up this ugly hoe (not Santa's kind of greeting) for $30. Hell yeah!

There are quite a few good deals i have picked up. from this one at $30, another at $40 and another for $50 NIB with plastic on it still. lolzzzz.

This ugly duckling  was covered in stickers and gunk, not a big deal, cleaned it up. I rolled the edges of the fretboard and I touched the fret ends a bit with a needle file. It came equipped with gold Ibanez tuners, they work fine. I pulled the jack plate off and sprayed it gold, I don't totally know why but it looked good.

I have too many SSS strats. Way too many. So I went into my shop and found a Bill Lawrence humbucker. Stuck it in there. I decided that the empty single coil routes were a little boring, so I grabbed my wonderful dremel and cut the pickguard. There are no knobs on this guitar, just one on/off switch. bare bones.

whatch'y'all think?

Friday, February 2, 2018

BONUS RANT! Fairy Picks

Bonus RANT!!!

Now this is something that I do not want to say by name, but most of you can name a company or two that sells $3-$6+ picks. YES guys, $3-$6+ for ONE pick, NOT a pack of twelve or six, etc. And they only go higher!!!
I recently acquired a few. BUMMED. PERIOD. Thank god they were free.

Now let me elaborate. Out of the half dozen I got were any bad? No. I don't see anything wrong with them. Did they do the job? Yeah, they did... AT DAMN NEAR TEN FOLD the price of the typical Dunlop or whateveryawannacallit pick. The picks feel nice, I got a few nice different sizes. They had a little bit of grip on them, that was nice. The edges were sharp and smooth on the strings. They are not a bad product.

Want to know what I use and LOVE at a much lower price? Dunlop Carbon Fiber Jazz III's. There is so much grip they are hard to lose, even if you were to try. I have yet to have one of mine wear even visible. They are more expensive than the typical Dunlop pick but damn, I dig them and they are affordable.
I recently got a sample pack of Dunlop Jazz III's. There are a lot of varieties of materials. I really liked the yellow tinted one and the others are great too. The seven variety pack is $7 from major dealers. That is a good price to find what works for you. Some of the fairy pick places charge $20 to $30 for a variety pack not so cheap to get your toes wet.

That's where I stand.

The retort (for all of you political bitches):
I always say to use what fits you best in general. That has been since day one. I use what works for me. You should use what works for you. I try to gently, and if needed, coarsely guide you but I have a hard time justifying that amount of cash on a damn pick, especially since those picks don't even have any freaking fairy dust on them. Call them, maybe they can tack another $5 for ones with fairy dust. IDFK. I just don't see how it is practical. I think I may stretch it out to the term gimmick. $5 for a pick is a gimmick. DAMN! Did I actually say this? Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick.

I have a feeling that I am going to get some hate mail on this. Guess what? I DON'T CARE, bring it.

Friday, January 26, 2018

MOD it or KEEP it.

Sometimes in life comes the question: "should I shine up the old Camaro and sell it to fund the new Challanger Hellcat? Or, should I go with the Challanger SRT-8 AND keep the Camaro and rebuild the engine?"

That is a rough time. For us, it could be selling the Mexican Fender Strat funding the USA Deluxe, or just keeping the Mexican and buying a USA Standard and throwing some new pickups in the Mexi?

While there are options, some are far better than others, but ALL are PERSONAL decisions. 

Personally I would keep the Mexi and get the standard and do some work. Let's get out of the world of Strats. This can be anything.

My opinon begins here. MY opinion, thats why y'all read my blog, right??? haha.

If the existing cheap guitar IS decent enough to stay in tune and feels good for you, and you don't have a standing aresonal like I do, keep it.

The number ONE reason for keeping it is if you don't have a backup guitar. There are a few reasons that you would want to have a second/third etc, guitar. For example,  different tunings is primary reason. If you are gigging you NEED, NEED and I repeat NEED a backup.

If the guitar isn't worth keeping, YOU will know. If it is a hindrance or bad omen, for the sake of whatever, get rid or it. I am talking in this scenario as like a Walmart guitar, or too beat up, or flat-out nonfunctional. Nonfunctional guitars will NEVER make things easier for your. Trash is trash.


Here is the bomb going off in here. I recently traded one of the pedals I just built and a twenty dollar bill for a... Squier, yes, a SQUIER strat. how is it? It does the job as shocked as I am. It is like a 2009 or something like that and hasn't been used much at all. Even the origional bullet end strings that he said he hadn't ever changed. At that point all I knew is it was functional, and the truss rod was functional and it made noise in is Frontman 15g (faceplam) combo.

So I take it home and take everything off and clean and polish and buff everything and touch up some frets, outfit it with a carbon fiber pickguard that I had laying around, and bang, I have a brand new beater. As far as mods go, it will see a preamp I will be building in the future, and a new nut and saddles. That is a whopping $30 and it will be great to throw around any shitty local dive bar, and not have anything to fuss over.


Does this mean bullshit statement that everybody belts out, "my $2XX guitar is better than that $2XXX guitar in the store" has any authenticity? Nope. If you like your guitar, good, just don't get too eager to boast it's better than something that is so valuable. To a degree, you DO get what you pay for.


Cheers from Trashed!

Monday, January 8, 2018

How to EQ dat bitch. and a HUGE rant. About Mr. Bastard

So, you have got a rig setup. You love most of it, nice guitar and amp [and hopefully you ended up with an Ibanez Prestige and an Orange or Mesa] that makes Trashed nice and happy, but there is a twinkle missing to what you thought. Just that little thing that you want to just fine tune. A little fizz here, fuzz there, or a really small spike somewhere that makes you want to vomit. Don't Worry I am going to make this a little less painful for you. You need an EQ. It's the EQ or Equalizer. They are friends. They are not food... but try one, and it may just give you a sweet kiss in the ass. Here 'Ya Go! 1. DON'T SCOOP YOUR MIDS. That is the worst offense by far. Don't jack up your bass. Big mistake. Watch your presence and resonance controls too while you are at it..
2. As a general rule across the board: nothing should be pushed past lets say 2 and 8 (if we are talking out of 10). BUT as any rule, some exclusions apply.
3. There is no rule saying that something isn't dialed in right if all controls are under half or over half.
4. Sometimes if you have a really trebley amp, you can turn the treble extremely low and compensate with a little more presence (I figured this out on my Splawn KT-88 Pro-Mod).
5. Vintage amps can be a little funny sometimes. One of my old Musicman amps I use all the time, all the EQ is dimed. It sounds better that way than any other way. Just don't doubt it until you try it. Although, I have tried it on a dozen other amps I own with less success.
6. Boosting an amp with an OD. EVEN the HIGHEST gain of amps CAN still benefit with a boost in front. Give it a shot.
7. EQ pedals. They are great, and sometimes you may even use two on one rig. I only get them that have a volume and gain slider for the OD effect, and the EQ part sculpts it in to where you want it. So you could use it with or without a boost in volume or gain. They can be placed in the FX loop where it makes momre of a difference, or out front to EQ your guitar tone. That is just EQ'ing for the guitar and the amps. The mixing and mastering is a totally different level. Which at this point is beyond my understanding to teach it all to you confidently at the moment.
Lets go for a rant:
Dear Bastard whom owns the shop near me,
I come in to check what you have once in a while. You are right up in my ass, mistake number one. Then I ask if you have an Ibanez Prestige.
Mr. Bastard said "I can order one for you."
I come back with a "No thanks, but if you ever have one in give me a call."
"Well... we don't stock them." that idiot says.
I kindly reply, "Well if you DO happen to get one in, can you call me?"
Mr. Bastard says, "We don't. but I will order one for you"
I didn't care for the tone. I said that if i wanted to order one i would myself through other resources. He gets pissy and I get crabby.
I say "I can order whatever I want right now I can order online, get a 15% off, 8% in rewards (i heart musiciansfriend dot com) and NOT pay taxes.
I didn't expect him to take that overly well... and he didn't. He gets all angry. I give him a sarcastic smile and walk out the door.
NOW... If he had a guitar I WANTED and if he would have been willing to take 15% off, I would have bought it IF HE WASN'T A JACKASS. Yes I would pay more to a local store. Part of that is that I would get to play it and know everything is good, and its less of a hassle.
Soooooo... what did he lose? a customer. He lost somebody who would run in there if they needed something. I am his best [maybe only] tremolo spring purchaser. Them bitches are $2 a pop.
I like heavy strings, and have a lot of guitars with tremolos so I have bought a lot of springs.
I dropped in for a slide emergency after my glass slide met concrete and broke.
I lost a bridge pin on an acoustic, so i bought some fancyass brass ones from him.
Those items are much more profitable for him over time then him getting pissy with me over the guitar.
Mr. Bastard, shove it.
There ya go!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy NEW YEAR! I Am Still Here and Still Trashed.

Its a new year and i am still Trashed. Hopefully you are too.

Most of you bastards are probably still hung over. I have had MORE than a few years with a fuzzy night, or maybe day? or two. However I choose not too any more, but that's my choice, I am not damning any of you for your decisions. Bottoms up!

WELL lets get down to 'da bidnazz.

  • You will get WEEKLY posts, I have more time and will commit.

  • Pics of my gear will regularly pop up now.

  • One of these days I will figure out how to change the page layout [yawn].


Pedlulz are still being built, more to come, I will be clearing out some stuff from the shop. I need to sell some gear too, I will post on here.

If you want a fuzz, shoot me an email [or reply here] I promise it will cost you less than a $20 bill to your door.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

More content coming soon! Apologies for my absence. Thank you all so much for continuing to read.

I am going to write up a few more and I will be putting them up regularly/weekly-ish and stay ahead.

I have been playing with some budget guitars and intend to pass some info on to you all.

ALSO! I have my final pedal on my board at this moment. i love it, it kicked my zvex mastotron and my zvex fuzzfactory right of the board! I am excited. I have less time because I am still in college in the engineering program and sometimes it takes a lot out on me. But i will be around.

Cheers to you all!
See you soon!