Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017-03-18 Time to Get De-laid...


This is about delays. 

"Trashed, why the hell do I want a delay?"

I respond, "It doesn't delay you at all as you would think if you didn't know. Come on guys."

"OK Trashed, what does it do then."

"Strap on your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, this may change your world."

To that I hear silence echoing. WAIT! that is what a delays do!

There are two different types of delays. Analog and digital. What is the difference? The analog came out first and used a BBD chip. What is BBD? Bucket Brigade Device. Think of it like a bunch of people transferring buckets down a line to put out a fire. BANG! that is it. The good BBD chips have been long out of production. Thankfully, one of my favorite pedalbuilders, Malekko bought a metric-freaking-ton of them a few years ago. Most modern builders either don't have any and fake it (bad bad companies, shame on you). Analog delays decay naturally and the decay is the glory of it. They also commonly have some form of modulation to them (usually switchable). It is typically like a little bit of controllable chorus type thing. They flat out kick ass. 

Digital delays have pure straight repeats without coloring the tone of the repeats. Boss makes some nice ones, especially a some of the earlier models. DD-3, DD-6, DD-20, etc. They give you nice and clean repeats. Think the Edge from U2 (although he nauseates me), everything trails neat. There are a lot of digital delays that have a tap tempo. THAT is the best thing going for digital delays IMO. So you tap it a few times and it matches the tempo so you can get exactly that length of delay. Digital delays do have their place in most every rig.

"OK Trashed, so what do I need?"

To that I respond, a few of each.

Here lies the danger though. A LOT of companies make delay pedal with something like 'analog voiced' or 'analog simulated modes'. You dirty, dirty, bastards. That makes me want to vomit. That does me no good. You may like them, but that is a big 'no no' in my book.

I really like Malekko. Great builds, good guys who STILL have some original BBD chips. I have four Ekko 616's, a 616 Lo-Fi. Two really nice features on the Malekko's is that they have switchable buffered and true bypass. Also switchable modulation, speed and depth for the modulation - RIGHT OUT ON THE TOP OF THE PEDAL. That is what I call features! There is an internal trim-pot for volume as well.

EHX's older delays, Deluxe Memory Man, etc. are very nice too and some are analog with a digital trigger for tap tempo, which can be the best of both worlds. Another decent common delay is the MXR Carbon Copy. I just don't like MXR though (yes that is bias). There is only ONE modulation switch, but they are far from bad. Honestly I may pick one up if i need another delay.

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