Monday, March 27, 2017

2017-03-27 HUGE NEWS!

Here you go. Here is a chance for you to purchase one of my early pedals for $10 USD shipped (only in the 48 states). 

They are based off of the bazz fuss schematic.

All I am looking to recoup is parts and shipping. I am still in the learning phase, just selling to buy more parts.

WHAT these pedals are? Nasty fuzzes. one pot two jacks and a 9V hookup. Good range and gain out of them, and once you plug them in hold on to your hat!

THESE  pedals are in sturdy industrial hard plastic housings with a metal plate on top.

THERE ARE NO SWITCHES. Why? One switch costs more than the price i have in parts invested in THE ENTIRE PEDAL already.

I figure about $6 in parts including housing and $4 for shipping sounds fair.

I am learning and these are what i would consider a basic PROTOTYPE. The money from these sales will simply be used to buy more parts.

IF you are interested email me at and i would love to get one of these out to you!

THANK you all to everybody who has read my blog faithfully and the TRASHED empire is only growing.


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