Monday, February 27, 2017

2016-02-27 How Much Do You Actually Need? RANT GET IN ON IT!

First off, this isn't referring to having how many amps and guitars do you need, because we all know that there is always another one.

This is referring to features on an amp.

"So Trashed... Isn't it great to have everything? More versatility?"

To that I respond with "Not always."

What sparked this thought was the Mesa Road King II. Four channels, switchable output tubes on the fly, four effects loops, yada, yada yada. It is nice, but is that what you actually need?

I have a Fryette SIG:X, Which has three channels, three modes for each and a million knobs and switches and a built in foot-switchable boost built in. It is a nice amp IMO one of the finest. HOWEVER... I don't like tweaking a million things, and I lost a little bit of interest in it. I have it dialed in like a champ and use just those settings. In other words, I hardly need any of the features it has, but it sounds good and it does its job.

I also have a Mesa mkIV which is a sweet amp. I love it, very versatile, and it has a million knobs too. i keep it dialed in, use the settings I use. The only thing i need with that amp is an OD, which makes it even more functionally. Again more flexibility than i ever use.

My Mesa Trem-o-Verb (Dual Rectifier), has two channels and two modes per channel. I have one set on the 'blues' setting and the 'Vintage High-Gain' mode. It also has built in reverb and tremolo. All I need with that amp to compete with anything is to put a Paul C. Timmy out front. It gets me everything I would need.

My most used amp is my Orange Rockerverb 50mkI. Two channels and Reverb. I run a bunch or pedals into it and through the loop (as it is my main amp at the moment), and I get clean blues, dirty blues, nasty high gain, and stoner metal. It is a royal beast. [off topic, but Oranges LOVE Zendrives). It kills.

I have a feeling that most of you all don't really get under the hood as far as amps go, and I would NEVER try to troubleshoot a SIG:X. Too much shit to deal with. I can pop open a Valve King or Blue Voodoo or DSL and usually can fix it without too much of a headache.

So, think before you buy. You very well may not need all of the features, and hell maybe an OD pedal or two would give your more functionality that plugging straight into a three channel.

I want to make one point, I do love amps packed with features. I have a few and enjoy them very much so. My point is that most people probably don't use half of what you have.


Trashed out.

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