Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017-04-27 THANKS For the SUPPORT!

Thank you to all of my loyal followers. This is a celebratory post.

I have sold out of my prototypes, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

I will be placing and order soon for more and different components.

I am going to still stick to my
'bazz fuss' circuit, and within the next few weeks will have a more refined version out, to sell to further fund my activities.

The next of the lineup with the bazz fuss with a few tweaks, will have a switch. Switches are not cheap (>$5 bulk) for something I would trust to put in your hands.

Prices will stay down through the next series of prototypes as far as selling more at cost, but the switch is going to jack them up to around $17 as a ballpark for the next series of prototypes. At the time, if you don't want the switch i will still do the $10 without the switch, just let me know.

AND finally, there will be some surprises on the way. I am not going to reveal those yet.


Sincere thank you to all of you who read and especially the people who have purchased.

I am honored and humbled,

Derek 'Trashed' Anderson


  1. five of that batch. how are you liking it Hazen? Sorry for the late response.