Monday, January 9, 2017

2017-01-09 Locking Tuners


1. They sound handy, don't they?
2. Your guitar stays way better in tune than standard tuners, right?
3. You don't need a locking nut for Floyd Roses do you?
4. They are less likely to fail aren't they?
5. They are far superior, aren't they?

1. To some (who haven't experienced the bastards).
2. Not really. Maybe a *little* bit if at all. FYI guitar tuners are NOT the root of most causes.
3. Hmmmm... Sounds great,but unfortunately, NOPE.
4. No difference.
5. That is an opinion, and NOT MINE.

So now we have debunked some bullshit lets go on, Trashed is ready to rant.

To frame the experience with locking tuners, i have had Sperzels, Grover, Fender, and whatever came on a Charvel I had. That pretty much covers the turf. They don't stay in tune better, in fact my Sperzel's broke in a few weeks, the clamp that goes in the middle of the tuner got stuck in there and I could not even get the string out. I like Grover more than the other brands, and they are the most tolerable. Gotoh makes the best IMO, but I don't have a lot of experience with them on locking tuners, so I will keep my mouth shut. The Charvel ones flat out failed (sent the guitar back and didn't want another, so I bought something else).

Ok, Trashed, "So if they are sooooo bad, why do the make them anyway?

My smart-ass response: "Kia still makes cars, don't they?"

OK, lets be serious, people buy them.

Now for a disclaimer, some people do prefer them, this is MY OPINION.


They make it faster to change your strings. Seriously. that is plus, a lot more wrapping and maybe a little less stretching needing to be done... but, is it worth it? Not for me. I have never had reliability issues with any traditional tuners, my preference is Gotoh or Schaller, and following those, Grover.

Glad that is over.

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